Passing Requirements

For each subtest of the VCLA, scaled scores are reported in a range from 100 to 300, based on your performance on all sections of the subtest. For the writing subtest, your score for the multiple-choice items and your scores on the constructed-response items are combined to obtain your total score. A scaled total subtest score of 235 represents the passing standard for each of the subtests. A total test score (the sum of the reading subtest and writing subtest scaled scores) of 470 is required to pass the VCLA. A candidate with a total test score at or above 470 achieves passing status. A candidate with a total test score below 470 does not achieve passing status. It is possible to pass the VCLA with a scaled score on one of the two subtests that is less than the passing standard on the subtest, provided that the total test score is 470 or higher.

The highest score that you obtain on each subtest, no matter when earned, will be used to compute your total test score. The passing standard for each subtest and the minimum passing total test score were established by the Virginia Board of Education based on the professional judgments and recommendations of Virginia educators. Select "Score Reporting" on the VCLA website for more detailed scoring information.

Retaking the VCLA

An individual may retake any subtest as many times as necessary until a passing score or passing status is achieved. The highest score earned on a subtest will be used to determine the total test score, regardless of when earned. Examinees who wish to retake a test may do so by submitting a new registration and payment. Please note that individuals who take a subtest on computer must wait 30 days before retaking the same subtest on computer.