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Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA)

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Institutional Verification of Documentation

Candidates who are requesting any of the following alternative testing arrangements may use the
Institutional Verification of Documentation PDF Document as an alternative to providing documentation directly to Evaluation Systems for review.

  • 50% extra time (time and one half)
  • Sign language interpreter (for oral directions in a computer-based test center only)
  • Oral interpreter (for oral directions)
  • Braille test format (for computer-based delivery in a test center only)

For all other alternative testing arrangements requests, supporting documentation must be submitted directly to Evaluation Systems for review.

Verification requirements. In order to be accepted for review in support of a request for alternative testing arrangements for the alternative testing arrangements listed above:

  • The Institutional Verification of Documentation must be printed on official institution letterhead.
  • The Institutional Verification of Documentation must be completed in its entirety and signed by an authorized professional from the Office of Disability Services at the candidate's college or university.
  • The institutional representative must be able to verify that the candidate has received the requested alternative testing arrangement(s) at the institution and that the institution has on file the candidate's documentation supporting the requested alternative testing arrangement, a copy of which must be supplied to Evaluation Systems upon request.
  • The institutional representative must be able to provide specific information contained in the documentation and certify that the documentation meets program requirements, including certifying that the documentation is complete and current according to program requirements (see Required Documentation and the Documentation Currency Policy).