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Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA)

Requesting Additional Time

The test session is designed to allow sufficient time to complete the test. Examinees may find the allotted testing time to be more than enough to complete the test, even if they have needed extra time on other tests they have taken in the past.

If, however, you have a documented disability and you feel you need extra time for testing, you may submit a request for alternative testing arrangements when you register for the test. If you are requesting additional time, please note that time and a half is the typical time extension allowed. Include in your request the amount of additional time requested. Please note that all requests for additional time require supporting documentation, including a professional's recommendation for the specific time extension requested. Testing must be completed within one test administration day and all requests for additional time are subject to approval.

You may wish to register for only one subtest per test date, which will allow you to use the full four-hour test session to complete the subtest. Registering for both subtests on the same test date limits the additional testing time you can be allowed because testing must be completed within one test administration day.