Score Reporting Policies

The following score reporting policies apply to this test:

If you violate one of the Rules of Test Participation or if doubts are raised about the validity or legitimacy of your registration or your scores, Evaluation Systems will notify the Virginia Department of Education.

Evaluation Systems takes reasonable security precautions in developing and administering tests and in processing test scores. The Virginia Department of Education and Evaluation Systems reserve the right to void your scores if in their sole opinion there is adequate reason to question your scores' validity or legitimacy, due to misconduct (including, but not limited to, a violation of the rules set forth on this website, including the Rules of Test Participation, and the rules communicated to you, orally and/or in writing, at the test administration) or to circumstances within or beyond your control.

Further action may be taken, including denying, revoking, and/or suspending a teaching or services credential, permit, or license. Other actions, as described in Rule 1 of the Rules of Test Participation, may be taken as deemed appropriate by the Virginia Department of Education and/or Evaluation Systems.

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